«ВоЛеС» company produce and wholesale lumber in Vologda:

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—  planed and grooved lumber;

—  batten;

—  dry lumber;

—  furniture panels;

—  Weatherboard;

— Aspen weatherboard;

—  block house;

—  Timber imitation;

— glued timber;

—  Other production.

     We work on a preliminary requests and from warehouse (if it is available) with the Buyer specifications and drawings .

     Carry out orders in time.

     Our company has a large production capacity allows to produce up to 3 000 m3 mouldings per month (in 2 tours).

     The quality of our products is checked by our regular customers — Russia’s largest homebuilding and wholesale companies.

    Our company is a member of the Vologda chamber of Commerce and Industry and has existing contracts with foreign partners.

     All ready products are packed into transport packets. On request, we can pack in individual packages made of shrink coating with several units in package.

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We’re interested in permanent cooperation with You!

          Our Company ships from the enterprise warehouse or we can arrange delivery of goods to the Buyer in any region of Russia.